What can we learn from all those books on e-cigs?

I decided to give up tobacco smoking as I had been spending too much money on it. Instead of that, I decided to buy myself my first electronic cigarette. I did not know that choosing the best one takes so much time! There are so many different options. Checking them all would take at least a few days. What did it do? As always, I checked many websites related to electronic cigarettes and I have read a few books that introduce readers to them. I got surprised. They were a great source of information.

My new blog – what is it about?

For a long time I have been active on many websites, commenting various articles and taking part in discussions. Now I have decided to create my own personal blog that can be a proper space to express my thoughts related to literature. I am a huge fan of reading. I can spend all days reading different books, laying on my bed and getting familiar with more and more pages. Nobody should treat it as a waste of time. Reading is something that lets you relax and gain much knowledge at the same time. You only need to find an interesting and well-written book.